Workshop Leader Certification Courses


Patricia J. Crane Ph.D.
San Diego, California, USA

Patricia has had the privilege of studying with some of the premier spiritual leaders of our time, including Louise Hay Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson. She began working with Louise Hay in 1986 and has been studying and teaching Louise's philosophy for over 13 years. She has trained and certified more than 800 Louise Hay workshop and study group leaders from at least 42 states in the U.S. and 33 countries around the world. Patricia, a Reiki Master, is considered to be a leader in metaphysical healing modalities, and is a sought after international speaker and workshop leader.

 Although Louise is no longer actively involved in the program, Patricia is continuing this powerful program under the title HEALING LIVES, ACHIEVING DREAMS WORKSHOP LEADER CERTIFICATION. The schedule for 2001 is:

San Diego, California

 Oct. 20 -27, 2001

Birmingham, England

July 29 - Aug, 5, 2001

For a free brochure phone or e-mail:

Phone: (800) 969-4584 or (from outside the USA) (760) 728-8783  
Fax:(760) 728-7390

Maria Rosa Casanovas
Barcelona, Spain

Maria Rosa completed the Louise Hay teacher training at the first one ever held in San Diego in 1995. As early as 1992 she had been leading successful Louise Hay groups and workshops all over Spain. Maria Rosa's wisdom and humor enhances her spiritual approach to enhancing self-esteem. Her background includes training in NLP, Gestalt, meditation, and visualization. The first Louise Hay teacher training in Spanish was held in July, 1998. Maria Rosa is available to travel to other Spanish speaking countries.

Phone: (93) 436 29 50; E-mail:

Max Damioli
Milano, Italy

Since his certification as a Louise Hay teacher in 1995, Max has taught numerous playshops in Europe and the USA. He  believes that personal growth can be FUN. Max's background includes film directing, a Ph.D. in psychology, and certification in other personal growth modalities such as hypnosis, NLP, Shiatsu and Transformational Breathwork, Firewalking and Flight. He has the professorship in Personal Improvement at the english European School of Economics. He has lead Louise Hay Teacher Trainings in Italy where he is co-founder of Goose Pimples- Inner Travel Agency. 
Address: Via Domenichino, 27 - 20149 Milan, Italy
Phone: +39 -02 - 4802 2795
Fax: +39-02-461-360; E-mail:

Annette du Toit 
South Africa

Annette trained as a certified Louise Hay teacher in 1996 and has traveled extensively in Africa sharing the philosophy since then. Earlier in life, her realization that success as a management consultant did not bring inner happiness prompted her search for meaning in life. Annette will make the teacher training accessible to those in Africa. She also publishes Louise's books in Africa.

Phone: (27) 011 728 2126 e-mail:

Dr. Angelina Mogilevskaya,
 Moscow, Russia

Angelina resides in Moscow and has been the Director of the Science of Mind Center in Moscow for over 5 years. (Science of Mind is the spiritual philosophy that Louise trained in.) Since taking the basic teacher training, Angelina has traveled to major cities in Russia with the uplifting message on how to heal your life. She has translated all of Louise’s videotapes into Russian and reads the script while the tape plays to large audiences. Then smaller groups take the two day workshop.

Phone: (095) 246-7949 E-mail:

Mary Heath, 
Perth, Western Australia

Mary attended the first Louise Hay Teacher Training in San Diego in 1995. She went on to graduate from Advanced Teacher Training in 1997. Now in 1999 she has become a qualified Louise Hay Teacher Trainer. For the last four years Mary has taken Louise's beautiful message of love and transformation to many parts of Australia. Mary also leads inspiring workshops on Meditation, Mind/Body Connection , Prosperity, Inner Child and Power of the Mind. She also shares her caring nature with people through Reiki and Energy Balancing.

Next Workshop Leader Trainings 
3 - 10 November, Canberra, Australia

Phone: (08) 9343 9754 mobile 0408 606543


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